Contributor FAQs

Q. What type of images are you looking for?
A. By taking a look through our homepage, you’ll get a good understanding of the type of images and subject matter that AgnusImages focuses on. Our primary aim is to provide Catholic images to publishers of Catholic materials whether print or online. The style of the images themselves are completely open to your own artistic interpretation. To be considered, all photographs that include people must be accompanied by a signed Adult Model Release Form and/or if there is a minor in the photograph, a signed Minor Model Release Form.

Q. Is there an exclusivity scheme at AgnusImages?
A. You are free to submit your images to other stock agencies. Our artist’s contract has no restrictions or exclusivity. We want to give talented illustrators and photographers the opportunity to sell their images without limiting them in any way.

Q. Do you charge the artist a fee to sell images on AgnusImages?
A. Some stock companies charge the artist a fee to have their works displayed. We believe in having a mutually beneficial relationship between the artist and ourselves therefore we do not charge any upfront fees to display and sell the artists work. We take a percentage of the monies generated by the selling of your images. If you do not sell an image, you are not charged any fees.

Q. How much does an artist make?
A. All our images are royalty-free and you as an artist will receive 35% of all monies collected by AgnusImages for your images. AgnusImages Sales Reports are generated and commissions are paid on a quarterly basis.

Q. How long will my images be available?
A. All accepted images will remain available in our library for at least one calendar year. If, for any reason after that time, the artist no longer wants his or her images available for purchase, AgnusImages will remove them from the site and final payment will be sent to the artist the next fiscal quarter.

Q. If I submit my images to you, do you own them?
A. Absolutely not. You maintain exclusive copyrights to your images.

Q. How do I go about submitting images for your review?
A. Fill out the Photo Submission Form or Artwork Submission Form and follow the instructions for submitting your samples.