Cruets are small vessel used for containing the wine and water required to celebrate the Liturgy, Mass, Lord’s Supper or Breaking of the Bread. Two are always used and are often made of glass, crystal or other transparent material. Glass is preferred because it can be easily cleaned, does not impart an odor to it’s contents, and the celebrant can easily distinguish which contains water and which containers wine simply by looking at the color of the liquid inside. If a cruet is made of a material that is not transparent, it is advised that one have a V (Vinum) for the wine and the other, an A (Aqua) for water so that one can be easily distinguished from the other.

Artists are free to create the vessels in any shape that is dignified to the purpose, but the vessels should have a good firm base on which to stand securely and a fairly wide neck so they can be easily cleansed. They should have a cover to keep away dust, debris and insects and to prevent accidental spilling. Cruets often come with a gold, silver or glass tray so they can be transported simultaneously.

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